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Resurfacing Stone Benchtops

For the home as well as the boat:

As much as stone bench tops are beautiful they are quite tricky to keep clean and spot free. Even a glass of water can leave a permanent mark on a soft marble surface not to mention soap dispensers in the bathroom or spices in the kitchen just to name a few. Because natural stones are porous these substances get “absorbed” under the surface so scrubbing often causes more harm than good. Applying any cleaning products (unless they are specifically stone safe) can dull the surface or leave un-wipeable spray marks.

We at ChiefMate specialise in resurfacing tired, worn, dull and stained stone kitchen benchtops and vanities. We turn them into modern display pieces using the finest quality Italian-made polishing compound that removes fungus, residue from soap scum and soaked-in stains from the stone, restoring the original shine you fell in love with in the first place. 

The use of Spongelux and Supershine disc requires no chemicals or waxes. Cleaning and polishing are carried out with full respect to the environment. As a final step we apply a special Stone Soap. It seals the stone and protects and waterproofs the surface which becomes more resistant to dirt and spots. The surface will be left with an incredible long lasting shine and brightness.





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