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Specialised cleaning

Interior cleaning requires a sharp pair of eyes for detail  to be perfect, and be assured: this is where our polishing expertise backs up our promise. 8 years of experience in providing high-end domestic cleaning services has taught us all the tricks of the trade, from producing sparkling bathrooms and stainless steel sinks, wooden floors or sensitive natural stone bench tops. The best results are only possible using the best products. We don’t know much about chemicals though, as it has always been our priority to co-operate with the environment. We work with a range of green biodegradable cleaning products and we stick to our chemical free methods.

Let us introduce to you our special property maintenance services.

  • Pre-sale cleaning

We can arrange anything from general pampering to attention areas and specific requests.  What’s more, we’re here to be that reliable regular cleaning team that you’ve been searching for, whether it be on a regular basis, or just a one-off service.

  • Real estate cleaning 

Moving in, and the place just doesn’t look right? Or moving out and you need some help to get it all right? We can help to make sure you get your bond back.

  • Shower screen restoration, pool glass panel treatment

Why replace when we can restore that initial sparkle to any shower glass? Our method is non-abrasive and bleach-free and yet highly effective in keeping the hardest bathroom areas such as glass shower doors and tiled walls free from calcium deposit and soap scum. We guarantee that this treatment will save you hundreds of dollars – when comparing with the cost of installing a new one.

  • Stone bench top  spot removal and resurfacing

We can make those beautiful stone bench tops spot free and shiny again whether they be in the kitchen, in the bathroom or any other area of the house. 

  • Window cleaning

We cover indoor and outdoor areas as well as pool fencing.

  • Fibre Protection

Our Fibre Protector is the most technically advanced and effective fabric protection systems available. The system is designed to help keep fabrics clean and stain free, maintaining the original appearance, while extending the service life cycle. It has a long lasting effect and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Fibre Protector forms an invisible shield around the fibres providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic matter, fluids, dust and debris that on unprotected textiles would result in permanent stains. Moreover it provides UV protection, without affecting the surface texture and breathability.


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