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Keeping your boat looking ship-shape is a lot of hard work. No-one wants their boat looking run-down. It’s not just the looks that matter, a boat that isn’t looked after will deteriorate quicker. A modern boat is made up of many different materials, all of which require their own form of care and attention. The wind, the salt and the ultra-violet rays from the Queensland sun all impact on the various materials in a boat. It’s not enough to wash and polish your boat, it takes much more to look after it properly. The sun and the sea will make the fibreglass “chalky” as the gel coat becomes oxidised. Teak decks will go grey if not maintained carefully. Railings need to be polished. On the inside the upholstery gets dirty and fades in the sun and the carpet gets wet, salty and worn. Then there’s more wood-work to look after and much, much more general maintenance.

We offer a complete boat maintenance service.

We aim to remove the drudgery from your life and leave your boat looking ship-shape, clean and sea-worthy so you can enjoy using your boat for what she was built for – sailing in the beautiful Queensland waters.

At ChiefMate we believe that quality outcomes are only possible when enthusiastic work is carried out using high quality materials. The only way to really add that showroom shine to your boat used to be to apply wax to its surface. Waxes however do not have great longevity and usually last no more than 3 months. To change this, we have decided to only work with Dulon Marine products which not only make the boat surfaces shine but they also give protection  against debris and grime giving you more time to enjoy your boat. Not to mention that it also helps us save you money in your long-term investment.

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